It was when I followed the exact same process that I am describing below that I decided to elevate my life to a whole new level, my thought processes transformed to a level beyond my wildest dreams and this is what I now offer my clients. It’s taken me 20 + years to arrive at this point and now I’m here sharing this gift with you so that you too can embrace your health and life wholly in every way possible.

My passion and purpose in life is my work, that’s what ignites my soul.

I have discovered and mastered a set of powerful tools that have allowed me to go further than I’ve ever gone before; to release all the residual negative baggage that I’d been subconsciously carrying around all these years, that unknown to me was still lurking around in some form – the anger, fear, sadness, guilt, hurt; all of it. It’s changed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined – and it’s changed my life, too. There is more, much more I could be and do!

I want to help my clients create the transformations at their core in order to turn their health and life around and so I embarked on training to help them release and heal their inner wounds and blockages.

The work I do with my clients now is the culmination of my life experiences and more than two decades of my own healing journey. It’s a truly holistic and transformational approach, starting with the wonderful Reinvent Your Life programme that I have created to healing your chronic health conditions at the root cause. 

This 3-stage personalised approach to Reinvent Your Life starts off by releasing the stored negative emotions that may be subconsciously lying within us that forms the root cause of chronic health conditions we’re facing – the anger, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt or shame.  This is a fundamental stage to addressing your future health, growth, happiness and inner fulfilment.

We then address any other obstacles that could be preventing our growth such as:

The internal conversations that you’re having with yourself day in, day out, the self-talk that’s getting in your way.

We look at any habits that you’re holding on to, for example if you know there are big decisions and actions you need to take but you find yourself procrastinating and putting things off for another time in the future, then I can help you to change that so that you’re becoming more of a ‘do-er’ by taking control of your life.

I can help you with habits that are getting in the way of you moving forward with your health and life goals such as smoking, excessive drinking, spending, food addictions, the list is endless. Again, it’s all about taking control of your life …

We look at any anxieties or phobias that are preventing you from leading a life of freedom by those thoughts and fears keeping you chained.                                         

Finally, once we have let go of all that doesn’t serve us, that was clouding our vision and creating obstacles to your growth by holding you back in your life, we then invite in your life all that brings us joy and happiness by focussing on your future goals and dreams. Then, what next?  we simply watch how the power within us unfolds with new ways of thinking, believing and doing each day and watch miracles flow in to our lives. You know exactly who you are, you know exactly what you want and you’re not wasting time and energy any more!


‘If you don’t have a vision for your life,

you’re going to get sucked up in someone else’s vision’

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