WHAT IS Chakra Balancing?

The chakras are a part of the body’s energy system. There are 7 main chakras (or spinning wheels of energy) that run down the spine, from the top of the head to the base, each one represented by a specific colour, name and location.

Each chakra is connected to organs, nerves and body systems, as well as to the psychological, emotional and spiritual levels of our being. These spinning wheels allow energy to flow in and out of the body, and they influence not only our health but also our experience of life.

The theory behind this amazing therapy is that when one of the chakras is out of balance it has a knock-on effect on all the others. If you feel unwell or emotionally out of kilter, then this could be down to a block or imbalance within your energy system. Healing your chakras can help you to feel better and allow you to move through life more easily.

A practice that relieves not only the external, physical sufferings, but the internal sufferings and obscuration of humankind.
Dr Usui



  • It’s a wonderful method of relaxation, hence a great stress reliever.
  • Great for taking time out and pampering yourself.
  • It can gently support you on many levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • It empowers your own innate healing ability – it helps you to heal yourself.
  • It balances the body’s energy system and works to clear any energy blockages that may be affecting you.
  • It is particularly effective at times of emotional turmoil, stress or change, bringing clarity of mind and helping you to let go of the past as you move forward.
  • It can also help with pain management in chronic or post-operative conditions.
  • It is a wonderful complementary healing system on its own or in a personal wellness or healing program.
  • This method of healing is used in hospitals, private practice and self-care.
  • Finally, it is a non-invasive therapy.

Chakra healing is a wonderful complementary healing therapy which can be used on its own or as part of a personal wellness or healing programme. A non-invasive method, it is used both in hospitals and in private practice.


During the session, I will make gentle contact with my hands over your body or will hover my hands slightly above your body. You will be fully clothed for your treatment, although I will ask you to remove your shoes.

The energy is transferred through my hands and you would naturally draw as much energy as is needed at that time. As is usually the case with any form of energy healing, your own energy system, or ‘higher self’, decides how much energy is transferred, and how that energy is distributed in order to bring healing and balance.

Many clients report a deep sense of relaxation – or even fall asleep! Sessions last one hour.

Chakra healing is of great benefit experienced on its own as well as with other therapies offered by Rebalancing Life.


Single appointment: £50

Appointment package: £250

Book 6 for the price of 5



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Appointments are held in person at Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire UK or remotely via distant healing.

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