Homeopathy - Rebalancing Life

How can Homeopathy help?

  • Great for people that are ‘on the go’ leading busy stressful lives but could benefit with a bit of support,
  • Quick and easy to take for adults and children alike, can carry in your handbag or briefcase,
  • The remedies and treatment plan will be personalised for you specifically,
  • Great way to support your health and well being naturally and without side effects,
  • It is very effective at treating many patients who have been unsuccessfully treated by the NHS,
  • It is addressing those with complex chronic problems or conditions that are difficult to label,
  • Most importantly, if you are taking any medication from your GP or specialist already then we would support your treatment with the aim of working together to strengthen your body until such time when you may be able to reduce the medication that you are taking with your doctor’s consent.

How does Homeopathy differ from medication prescribed by your GP/Specialist?

  • Homeopathy stimulates what we call the Vital Force, and it is this vital force which then directs the action of the remedy upon the person,
  • It does not mask the condition or suppress it in any way. For example, if you stopped taking the medicine prescribed by your GP would your symptoms return? If the answer is yes, then the root of the problem is still there,
  • We will look at the cause of the condition or what might be stopping you from getting better, known as obstacles to cure.

What to expect at your first appointment

For a client that wishes to consider Homeopathy, I will first of all ask you to complete and return a questionnaire to me that analyses how efficiently each system of your body is functioning at the moment. I will then prepare an analysis of your questionnaire ready for your first appointment with me which may take up to 1 ½ hours. I will ask you questions about your lifestyle, favourite foods, life experiences you may have been through, health condition of your family members, the symptoms you are experiencing at the moment and the medication you are on, if any. Of course, it is entirely up to you how much to tell me, but the more detailed picture I have of you the more accurately I will be able to prescribe.

I will then prepare a personalised treatment plan and give this to you in a folder containing the results of your questionnaire analysis, information relevant to your health including some dietary, naturopathic and nutritional support and of course, your homeopathic medicine. In addition I may include a flower essence.

Laboratory Tests

It may be helpful to utilise laboratory tests to find out more about what is going on. These may include a Hair Mineral Analysis, blood, urine, saliva or a stool test. Most of these tests can be undertaken from the comfort of your own home and results are available within 1-3 weeks.

Homeopaths look at the whole person and this process can take time. After all in most cases the development of disease in the body takes time to manifest itself therefore kick starting the body to heal itself will take a bit of time too!

We would like to hear from you and support you along your journey!

We are ready when you are, to find out more please contact us by email,
or by phone on 07879 480 520 for a FREE initial 15 minute conversation.

Cease and Inspiring Homeopathy

Over recent years I have been extensively working with children with special educational needs and the results have been so tangible and life transforming.

We now live in such a complex environment where our bodies are having to contend with so many more health challenges than ever before through emotional stress, toxins in the environment, in food, factors inherited at the time of conception and other medical intervention along the way that the personalised treatment we give you will need to match and support each person’s unique challenges – history, needs, energy and vitality.

As a Homeopath I would take the case and look at you or your child’s history preconception, pregnancy, delivery and throughout the years that follow to gently support the body to bring out the best and let one’s inner core shine through. I would prepare a treatment plan and support you with this wonderful way of working.

‘Children with special needs – we are not here to fit in to your box, we’re here to help you realise that there is no box’

It has been 3 months now since we started treatment with. Already we have seen signs of improvement. In terms of social skills, for the first time ever we have noticed that our son is interacting more with his older sister. He puts his head on her, strokes her hair and is generally more affectionate. He has never played with his sister before his treatment. He listens to instructions more, makes more eye to eye contact, is becoming more affectionate towards family members. Infact, he’s becoming quite cheeky and will push the boundaries by doing things to see what our response is!

Before he would play with his lego bricks and when the pieces would topple over he would get annoyed and throw them around the room. Now he will pick them up and simply carry on building. He is spelling words and pronouncing the letters too. He looks forward to bath time every day and feels so much calmer afterwards. Generally, he is much easier to be around on a day to day basis. All the above are changes that have taken place since we’ve been coming to Sadhna and we are feeling so much more positive about his development and the treatment he is receiving with homeopathy. ~ Parent of Male 8 years of age

We started coming to Sadhna 6 months ago and she has been working with our son with homeopathy. During this period we have noticed that he has become much calmer, listens more, is eating food that he would never have eaten before. He gets his school work done without any fuss and although his school class has been changed recently he has adjusted really well. Over the Christmas period we had lots of visitors at home, we went to the theatre in London, and came back on the train. He behaved so well throughout and we’re so pleased as he’s doing really well now both at home and school. We have just had the best Christmas ever! ~ Parent of Male, 8 years of age.