Client Love

Rebalancing Life clients have very kindly shared their views and have described their experiences below in their own words.

I am immensely grateful to them for sharing their experience in this way.

JK Middlesex

I began to develop health issues which were worrying me. As a busy mum working full time, my problem was curbing my cravings as I love my carbs so much. I was looking for something natural that would balance me from the inside and fit in with my lifestyle. I knew what I shouldn’t be eating, I needed help getting there and that’s what Sadhna along with this homeopathic weight loss program provided. It really has helped me and I highly recommend it, if I can achieve my health and weight goals, so can you!

HK Ealing

As a fellow homeopath and Life Coach, I was fascinated by Sadhna’s training in and personal experience with Reinvent Your Life. I booked a session. Sadhna took me very gently through each of the stages and was extremely understanding and empathetic when unexpected tears surfaced. I think I could definitely benefit from more sessions with Sadhna as I know there are deep-rooted issues which need to be addressed. I know that with Sadhna, I am in very good hands. She is patient, positive, caring, generous and warm. I can highly recommend her as both a homeopath and Mind Body Transformation Specialist with her signature programme. Thank you, Sadhna.

SD Canada

Since our first session I have been through a process of parting from the baggage of all the emotions which were in my mind for years. I had clumped all of these emotions as one big emotion. I had never thought of separating them, in my mind it was all one. I can really feel the benefits of what we did together a few days ago. I felt relieved that in my mind the stress and shame no longer had a place. I had already done so much work on myself, this was more the ending that I needed as I could not separate myself, by myself. The homeopathy is really helping me alongside in terms of my anxiety and digestive issues. I feel that most of the physical
symptoms I have been experiencing were as a result of the anxiety and stress that I had been holding on to for so long. The more I let go of, the more headspace I feel I am acquiring for other things and being a better person, more importantly, the person I have been longing to be for so long. I have shed a few tears, they’re not even tears of hurt anymore, simply a story that I had in my mind and of what I went through. I would love my daughters to go through this process too as I think they’re suffering with the hurt and pain also, they too saw their mother grieving from a very early age. Thank you so much, I’m so glad I joined your programme, Sadhna.

 SONYA Uxbridge

I decided I would like to try Sadhna’s Reinvent Your Life Programme. By the time you get to my age (in my eighties) a lot of past events leave challenges for the present and I carried a lot of guilt about various issues. Sadhna explained  how the sessions would proceed. Each time Sadhna’s lovely calm voice took me back along the timeline of my life to my childhood, birth and beyond. She was gentle and explained how to float back in time from high above and observe my life from above. It was a wonderful journey recalling my unconscious thoughts and memories. It was a fulfilling experience as I was coaxed to let go of my negative feelings which had been buried in my unconscious for many decades. After the sessions I found I was relieved to let go of some feelings, fears and responses to long buried events.  When negative thoughts now trouble me, I find it’s much quicker and easier to release and overcome them. I think Sadhna approached the sessions in the right spirit and it has been a very therapeutic experience and I now feel much calmer in my approach to negative issues. Sadhna is a very good, capable and kind therapist and it is a very relaxing treatment which I would thoroughly recommend.

SPIKE Hertfordshire

I'm dealing with my family a lot better now. It's always been very awkward, all my life, ever since I can remember actually. I'm seemingly more in control of my own relationship with the family which is now different. They always had control over my relationship with them and that has changed. I have more control over my relationships in general too, in every area of my life. I didn’t know that that's how it was, as that's how it always was, but now I realise that.

I’ve been feeling a lot less fear, sadness, guilt and hurt, things haven’t been affecting me as much or as intensely as they would have done before. Again, I’ve been feeling these strong emotions for as far as I can remember, even with everyday things. Reinvent your life – it certainly it does, thank you!

 AB Ruislip 

I’ve had one session of Reinvent Your Life with Sadhna recently, to help me manage an uncomfortable situation that was impacting my everyday life. The session was very powerful, and I cried a lot. This felt very cathartic, and helped me release emotions that had built up.  At the end of the session, I felt emotionally ‘lifted’ and ‘lighter’. Since the session, I am less plagued by the situation that was causing me stress before, and am not ruminating as much. I would definitely recommend the session to anyone feeling like they are emotionally ‘stuck’. Thank you Sadhna!

Rachel Alexander

I have been feeling somewhat ‘stuck’ for a while now and needed help to enable me to ‘shift’ my thinking, so that I could move forwards. Having heard great things about Sadhna from my network, I decided to give her a call. Sadhna came cross as natural an unpretentious and was easy to talk to. She told me about her Reinvent Your Life Programme which has helped a number of her clients to challenge their thinking and try to remove obstacles to their success. Following our initial call I took a few days to reflect and then decided to go for the programme. I’m glad I made that decision as since the first session I feel much better, have more clarity, and have re-evaluated my goals. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who wants to refresh their thinking and make profound changes in their life. I do believe you get what you pay for and as expected, a programme of this nature is not going to cheap. That said, it isn’t a one off expense such as a new handbag, it’s a real investment in you and the person you want to be. If you value yourself and can invest the time and money the programme warrants, then go for it!

SP Berkshire

So far, I have had two sessions over zoom. For me this process has unlocked deeply ingrained thoughts and feelings that I have been holding on to for the whole of my life since childhood. Despite seeking support from a number of therapies over the years I find myself still struggling to shift these emotions and find that fear and feelings of not being good enough still surround me in every area of my life, both in my personal relationships and at work. The programme so far has helped me to realise the depth and impact these emotions had on me throughout my life and as a result I have managed to release those powerful emotions that had kept me ‘chained’ in every aspect of my life. When fear comes up now I don’t allow this negative emotion to hold me down like it did before as unlocking this chain of fear has enabled me to gain the confidence I had always been searching for. Thank you Sadhna, this experience has been invaluable.


I came for the session because I wanted to have a fresh start, I wanted to move on from past emotions and thought patterns etc. I didn’t really know what to expect and I came with an open mind. Sadhna explained the process really well and I felt comfortable going ahead with the session. She reassured me that it would not involve delving into specific details or events and that made me feel more comfortable and at ease. The session proceeded at the right pace, not too fast or too slow. After the session I didn’t have any heavy emotions or thoughts come up and felt quite refreshed and ready to move on. Since the session I have noticed that I have been feeling more centred and settled and clean. Any issues that I have had to deal with have not disturbed my peace for long, whereas before I would continue to think about them and lose sleep. This is a big shift for me as I have had this habit for many years. Thank you Sadhna for providing this service.

SS Yorkshire

This has been the most powerful life changing experience I have been through! I’m at a crossroads right now, with my career and my marriage, life has turned on its head and I needed guidance of some sort.  When I spoke to Sadhna I really didn’t know what to expect to be honest. Part of me was a little apprehensive but I realised that the clock is ticking away, decisions need to be made and I really needed to take ownership of my life and tackle my future head on. But I didn’t know how. The sessions with Sadhna proved to be the best thing I’ve done for myself. I’ve let go of all the stories I had created in my mind, the excuses I kept telling myself (to make myself feel better which I now realise were keeping me stuck) and the fears that never materialised over the whole of my life!


I no longer have to turn to food to help me get through my challenging moments, I feel more in control. I used to see all these posts on social media about letting go, release the anger and forgive those that have hurt you but in reality I found it really hard to do. I’ve also learnt that there’s a positive learning in everything I’ve been through even the painful parts of my life and I can honestly say I can now finally move on and stop hiding away behind a mask.


It’s incredible how we store so much in my minds from our earliest years that we’re not even aware of and yet it’s impacting us today.   The best thing about this process is that I didn’t really need to delve in to my past, I didn’t want to go there and talk about it and I didn’t have to and I did it all online, I didn’t even need to leave my house!


I now have greater clarity to move forward with my future, renewed sense of confidence and self-belief and that I am capable of achieving whatever I want, no-one’s going to stop me or get in my way, not even my own mind! The only regret I have is that I should have done this years ago instead of putting everything else and everyone else before myself. I can’t recommend this programme highly enough, thank you Sadhna.


I came for the session because I wanted to have a fresh start, I wanted to move on from past emotions and thought patterns etc. I didn’t really know what to expect and I came with an open mind. Sadhna explained the process really well and I felt comfortable going ahead with the session. She reassured me that it would not involve delving into specific details or events and that made me feel more comfortable and at ease. The session proceeded at the right pace, not too fast or too slow. After the session I didn’t have any heavy emotions or thoughts come up and felt quite refreshed and ready to move on. Since the session I have noticed that I have been feeling more centred and settled and clean. Any issues that I have had to deal with have not disturbed my peace for long, whereas before I would continue to think about them and lose sleep. This is a big shift for me as I have had this habit for many years. Thank you Sadhna for providing this service.

SD Middlesex

I decided to go for the Reinvent Your Life Programme in order to develop more confidence in myself and learn to let go. Also to think more positively, concentrate on more important things which are right in front of  me and live in the moment. My experience during the session was feeling a sense of calm and relaxation and after the session I felt very sleepy and relaxed, it was like floating into the clouds. I really enjoyed the session very much! It’s given me the confidence to approach situations in a brave and strong way, with a good positive attitude! And also the ability of being more emotionally in control by learning to let go of situations which are not important. I would definitely recommend this everyone.

TOM, aged 15

I felt down because friends had hurt me, and I couldn’t move on and it was affecting my sleep. I had one session of Reinvent Your Life with Sadhna and found it very relaxing. Afterwards, I felt like I had let a lot of the negative feelings go and am now sleeping a bit better too. I don’t feel sensitive, not feeling depressed anymore. I don’t particularly like seeing this one person at school but when I do it doesn’t bother me like it used to. I’m generally a lot better within myself as well. I don’t feel down all the time, I feel more like myself. I don’t worry as much really and I feel less sensitive in general. I do feel much happier, I feel like it’s changed my life.

West Midlands

When I was diagnosed with cancer over 3 years ago, Sadhna was the first person who helped me in those early stages and put me on the right path to building my immune system to fight the cancer. Sadhna provided me all the support and help that I needed both from a holistic point of view but also emotionally. She has and still is supporting me on this journey and I owe her a great debt of gratitude for her guidance and knowledge and would recommend Sadhna to anyone in a similar situation as me. Thank you, Sadhna.

Mrs G

While studying for her A levels, I took my daughter to see Sadhna for help with homeopathy as she had been suffering from irregular periods for quite some time. Sadhna was very attentive to my daughter’s needs and the remedies she prescribed worked brilliantly. They were easy to take and I’m pleased to say that the remedies balanced my daughter’s hormones and all is now well. My daughter is very sensitive and this course of treatment was gentle but highly effective.

Family from Hertfordshire

We have been seeing Sadhna since 2012 and I feel very blessed to have her in our lives. She has always been there to support us through our challenges. Her gentle presence and soul have been one of the mainstays in our lives over many years now, and many ups and downs. She has come to know us both well and is able to treat us accurately in rapidly changing situations and with great results. She has in particular helped me balance my hormones and for this I am very grateful. Sadhna has helped me to feel grounded again and to find balance in my life, which had been missing. We are, like I said, very blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you for everything you have done, Sadhna. I am not sure where we would be without you.

NV Middlesex

Each time I became stressed and busy with my work I found myself being dragged down with sore throats, chesty coughs, colds and infections. My energy levels would become low and my studies and work would be put on hold with each bout of illness. I would try all the home remedies but would eventually resort to antibiotics, and so the vicious cycle would start all over again with my symptoms becoming more frequent and intense each time.

My health was beginning to interfere with all the things I wanted to do in life. I was looking for a permanent cure and someone suggested that I try homeopathy. Not quite sure what to expect as I had had no experience of this in the past, I decided to give it a go.

This winter has been different. I haven’t had the usual symptoms, which is great, my sleep has improved too, and I feel so much more confident in my day-to-day life. I feel great now!

SV Brentford

I was diagnosed with a cyst in my back that was compressing a nerve. The pain it caused was travelling down my left leg, to the point where I was unable to walk, stand, sleep or sit for any length of time. I haven’t been able to work since February 2016 as my job, which was physically demanding, and even my housework became hard. Day-to-day life had become a struggle for me.

I was offered physiotherapy and an injection to numb the pain, but these did not help ease the pain. My only option was to have surgery, but there was no guarantee that the cyst would be removed permanently and that I would be pain-free. So, I turned to homeopathy with Sadhna.

I am now able to manage going to the gym once a week and am able to do a little housework at a time. As I’m experiencing less pain, I have begun to sleep better. The remedies have helped me feel and cope better within myself too. Day-to-day life definitely feels more manageable as I feel I have turned a corner now. The homeopathic remedies I was prescribed were amazing.

PW Middlesex

I have been a great believer in alternative medicine since 1973. We first saw Sadhna with my granddaughter, who has suffered with eczema from a young age. Sadhna listened to every little detail of her condition, treatment and her mental state. Very quickly, Sadhna had a treatment plan in place and gave her some homeopathic medicine. She maintained frequent communication with us so that we could speak to her at any time. We saw an improvement in my granddaughter’s condition in a short space of time. She was a happy young girl once again and the improvement continued under Sadhna’s constant supervision. Sadhna supported her whenever she needed further guidance.

Following my granddaughter’s recovery, I decided to see Sadhna for my severe headaches and digestive problems. Once again, the remedies she gave helped me a great deal. Around the same time my husband had a fall damaging two teeth and cutting his lip right through. I was advised that the tear on the lip could not be stitched. The pain and swelling had become uncontrollable. Sadhna gave him some remedies and within 4-5 hours the pain had reduced significantly and, to our amazement, the swelling had reduced too. We would highly recommend Sadhna to anyone who has any ailment.

RS Harrow

I met Sadhna at a networking event and was immediately struck by how warm and welcoming she was, a personality trait that lends well not only to homeopathy but also CEASE therapy where she works with individuals on the autistic spectrum. Over the course of time, I have referred a number of autistic clients to her and the feedback from parents of these children has been nothing but positive.

I myself have recently become a homeopathic client of Sadhna’s, and I cannot emphasize enough how she has significantly reduced my quite debilitating hormonal symptoms, almost to the point of virtually disappearing. She is highly intuitive in her approach and takes time to get to know you as an individual, as well as tactfully eliciting further circumstantial evidence that could make her remedies more targeted and beneficial. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

HH Isleworth

I was feeling very stressed when I first consulted Sadhna. I had allowed my work commitment to take priority over my personal life and was often too tired to enjoy time with my family and friends. Even after one chakra healing session I noticed a difference in my sense of wellbeing. The sessions have helped me to reassess my lifestyle and take charge again, and I feel so much more positive and able to cope. I would really recommend giving it a try!

BJ Hertfordshire

Just wanted to say a big thank you for treating my 16-year-old son. He had been struggling to recover from some sort of virus for a few months now, which had him out of action for several weeks during his mock exams, with disastrous results. 
The recurrence of the same ailment two months before his GCSEs was very worrying. The antibiotics he was prescribed didn’t have much effect and he was referred to hospital. At this point, I was really concerned. Thank goodness you were able to treat him so quickly and the remedies took effect almost immediately. His symptoms cleared up and his lethargy disappeared. He’s much more motivated again.

Ms P Uxbridge

I saw Sadhna at a time when I was quite ill as I was suffering from uterine polyps, and she was able to help me far beyond my expectations. The reflexology quickly envelops you in a deep relaxation, and I found that the positive results of my recovery accelerated rapidly once I experienced homeopathy as well. I felt like I was suddenly well again after literally years of feeling dreadful. Sadhna treats the whole of you, not just isolated symptoms. Reiki gives you an immense sense of solace and wellbeing as well as renewing your energy levels. I’ve never felt more focused.

NW Hillingdon

My 13-year-old daughter has had mild eczema from the age of 6, but last year it flared up terribly. We consulted the doctor only to be given emollients and steroids. We took her to see a natural healer where she was put on a strict diet eliminating many foods from her diet and she was given several natural medicines. After six months we had still not seen any change, as her eczema was worse than ever before.

We then went to see Sadhna who very quickly discovered that my daughter’s eczema may have become worse soon after a series of immunisations, something we had never thought of! Sadhna put my daughter on a clearing programme which only consisted of taking a homeopathic remedy. It took a few weeks but my daughter’s eczema cleared up considerably. We would recommend Sadhna to anyone who has any health issues. She listens patiently, makes you feel at ease, and is genuinely very concerned about people’s health and is willing to go that extra mile to help.

These case examples are included to illustrate what can be achieved by working with the mind and body with homeopathy and various holistic healing modalities. The therapies I offer do not aim to treat or claim to cure any medical conditions.

Consultations are always tailored to the individual and specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Always seek advice from your doctor before embarking on any additional treatment.

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