Reinvent Your Life

Free yourself from the root cause of your chronic illness to

Become the Woman You
Were Born To Be.

You wake up one morning and you say to yourself,

‘Damn, I need to fix this, how did I get myself into this situation?’

‘This wasn’t how life to was meant to be – ever, how did I not this happening?’

Your wakeup call has arrived.

‘Something’s got to give,
and it isn’t going to be me anymore …’ 

And, I have good news for you,
your moment of transformation is here!

Reinvent Your Life

is a 3-stage approach to revolutionising your thinking
and get your life back on track

I’m …

  • ... At a crossroads in my life, big decisions need to be made and I don’t know which way to go

  • ... Experiencing my own health challenges and my partner has theirs too

  • ... Juggling way too much - home, love, work and family and it’s wearing me down

  • ... Beginning to feel resentful as there’s no space in my life to consider me!

Does this sound familiar?

1. Health:

You’re so successful in certain areas of your life and you appear to be living the dream. But the reality is that physically your body is giving you the signs it needs help as you know your health is not as good as it used to be. You’re feeling exhausted, you’re burning the candle at both ends, but you’re too busy to stop.

And on the inside, you’re lost, alone and feeling unfulfilled. You’re feeling let down and disconnected at your core and constant feelings of guilt are gnawing away at you, thoughts of not being or doing enough. You’re left feeling resentment and frustration as there’s no quality time for yourself. The buzz you used to get out of life is now a distant memory.

2. Relationships:

You’re ready to face your struggles head on, you realise you’ve been  procrastinating and you’re ready change that as you know that no-one’s going to do it for you. You’re so ready to do what it takes to mend those relationships in your life - with food, the people in your life, but most importantly with YOU.

Everything starts with YOU.

3. past experiences: 

When you reflect on your life, you realise that circumstances have knocked your confidence and self-belief sideways. Depressive thoughts and anxiety kicks in as you’re not the person you used to be. You’ve lost the courage to speak up, to follow your heart and to take action. All you want is to be in control and own your life again – fully. 

Here’s the thing, you know you’re smart and you’re intelligent and you know you have potential to be even greater

You’ve made great strides to overcome your past challenges.

In fact, you’re amazing, and you should be proud of who you are and the distance you’ve travelled, but you’re still not where you want to be in your life and it’s eating you up inside.

No one understands your pain – not even those closest to you. They’re too busy, feel helpless, or once again, you’re protecting them from hurt or worry by hiding the real you

… the impact of not doing anything about the way you’re feeling is costing you way more than you ever anticipated or deserved and it’s not serving your loved ones either

You’re done - Maybe you’re finally coming around to realising that the clock is ticking, it’s time to take action, to become a happier you.

You’ve spent way too long people pleasing, compromising and keeping the peace, and you’re tired now, you can’t do it any more, you’re done with it all.

As you reflect on your life you realise that:

  • - If your health was better, you could live the life you dream of …
  • - You’re grateful for what you have in life but you want more from your family life, financially, career and now you’re coming around to believe that you deserve it
  • - Each year you’ve been hoping for something new and magical and you finally believe that there must be a way!

If there’s a gap between how you’re feeling right now and how you would like your health and life to be, 

You have two choices:


To continue as you are by denying your discontent and ‘shrinking yourself’ to fit into a life that is way too small and doesn’t serve you fully


Or embrace a new directionone that makes you stretch and brings you health, vitality, joy and deepened inner fulfilment

Your body has the power to heal itself 

You have the power to recreate your life, no matter what you’ve been thorough in the past… if you choose to

What does Reinvent Your Life involve?

Essentially Reinvent Your Life is split in to 3 stages:

Stage One:


what’s no longer needed, so here we let go of the emotions from the experiences of our earlier years that may be impacting our adult life right now. This is super powerful and is a fundamental step in helping you move unblock your path to moving forward.

Stage Two:

realign & reconnect

your way of thinking, believing, feeling and doing: We’ll address any other areas of concern such as letting go of the old script that we were conditioned to in our minds – the thoughts and beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in your health, relationships, in work/business, or financially, for example, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not seen for who I really am,’ ‘I don’t deserve ….’, ‘I can’t be… ‘, or ‘I can’t have…’  - the list is endless.

We also let go of any habits you’re desperate to let go of that might be keeping you stuck right now

With each subsequent session we continue to review and work together until you have let go of all that no longer serves you.

Stage Three:

reclaim your health & life

Finally, once we have cleared the blocks (the old ways of thinking, being and doing and those parts that were muddying your future vision) you are ready to rewrite your new story, one in which your mind gives your body the right messages and feels authentic to our true self at our core. It’s one that excites you to get out of bed each day with renewed.

On successfully completing Reinvent Your Life
you will be clear on your next steps and direction in life
and you’ll be working on it!

The Roadmap to 
Reinvent Your Life includes:

Up to 6 tailor-made, online sessions created especially for you
weekly/fortnightly/basis according to individual needs

We will agree a plan of action to help you create your best life

Up to 6 tailor-made, online sessions created especially for you
weekly/fortnightly/basis according to individual needs

Pre-consultation 30 minute free call

Pre-consultation Consultation Assessment

Email support in between sessions

30 minute Follow up call

A Homeopathic remedy/Flower Essence/Aromatherapy oil to support you
with what you need right now to help you transition
in to your new-found FREEDOM!


Napoleon Hill

It's Time To:

  • Step Up
  • Pull back the curtain
  • Strip away the mask
  • Give yourself permission to allow your light to shine

It’s time to re-write your script
Create your new future story 

Make Every Moment Matter… 

It’s time to

Ignite Your Spark

Embrace your life, say thanks to it all as there’s no time to hold onto regret, blame, dwelling on the past or counting all the missed opportunities. You are no longer the victim of your circumstances.

Remember, YOU are not your circumstances!

You have more important work to do.

The time to own your life is here, every part of it – the scars, wounds, achievements everything
and be proud of who you have become.
It’s time to start believing in yourself even when you think this is not possible.

It’s time to take action and 
create your new future self – right now!

I'm Ready To

Reinvent My Life

and free myself from the root cause
of my chronic illness

I’m Sadhna, a Mind-Body Transformation Specialist, committed to giving my clients a totally unique and holistic approach to resolving their health concerns.

I feel privileged to be able to help others transform their mind, body and lives through my work. My work fills me with joy and a deep sense of fulfilment. I feel healthier than ever – energised, empowered and on purpose.

But it wasn’t always this way. The journey to here has been both challenging and exciting, a windy path full of twists and turns. Balancing the demands of work and family life, doing everything I loved. In my 30s, my health took a real battering and I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. This came as a real blow to me as I had always considered I held a positive outlook on life and followed a healthy eating regime with regular exercise.

The more I learnt about autoimmune disorders through my work as a homeopath, the more reality started to hit home. “If this is how I’m feeling now, how am I going to get to, let alone live through, my menopausal years,” I asked myself. The fear of losing total control over my future years became my driving force to regaining my health. I’m pleased to say that by adopting a natural and holistic approach I have managed to turn my health around.

My approach has also led me to the work I do today with my clients and is the culmination of the last 20 years of my own healing journey and my experience of helping others to heal. It’s a truly holistic approach, starting with the wonderful Reinvent Your Life programme that I have created with Time Line Therapy™ to healing your chronic health conditions at the root cause. 

We all come into this life with a spark inside us, at our deepest core filled with pure potential, purpose and 
big dreams … somehow life throws challenges and obstacles our way, the spark is lit out or dimmed, it’s there still - - waiting for the day you decide to

Ignite It Again...

Here’ the thing, just ask yourself these questions …

  • Do you wonder how you’ll ever get to the bottom of your chronic health challenges that have had a grip on you for so long?
  • Do you wonder how you’ll ever lose the excess weight, be able to give up the habits that you know are ruining your health, relationships and life?
  • What do you have in your life right now that you no longer want? Could it be the toxic relationships you no longer need, the career you’re feeling stuck in or the way you’re feeling emotionally?
  • What do you want in your life that you don’t have?
  • What’s stopping you from having it?
  • If you carry on as you are, how do you see your life in 3,5 or 10 years’ time? Have you ever thought that far ahead?


Bruce Lipton

I’m ready to do this

How will Reinvent Your Life help me?

From the comfort of your own home you will:

I have released all that you are holding on to that you no longer need in your life to create space for all that you consciously do!

  • Feel lighter and stronger within yourself as you free yourself from any emotions that may be contributing to your health and life today. They may even be subconsciously stored from as early on as your childhood such as anger, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt or shame that are not serving you in any shape or form.
  • Wake up feeling energised and empowered each day as you unleash a new level of confidence and self- belief by letting go of the rollercoaster of emotions, repetitive thoughts, habits and beliefs that are affecting you emotionally and physically in your daily life
  • Create your future story - be in control of your life and become more resilient mentally and physically as you live each day with laser focus and flow through life’s challenges fearlessly leaving any traces of anxiety, avoidance or resistance behind. There’s no time to procrastinate any more as you step up and embrace whatever comes your way with a proactive mindset ready to achieve and thrive! 
  • Create new personal goals – Re-write your future story by creating a vision that is crystalized in your reality right now. A reality with a new meaning, one with a new sense of direction, purpose, excitement and joy - from the inside and out!
  • Create a new YOU! You’ll shine your light with a renewed sense of confidence and self- belief as a more authentic you whose true to yourself that’s no longer attached to other people’s opinions or seeking approval. You are a woman who is standing in her power as the fierce and unique spirit she was born to be!

Become the person you were born to be!

Make an inspiring impact on your own life, that of your loved ones and the world for generations to come!

Who is this programme for?

for you if:

  • You’re ready to up-level your life! Your head is full of ideas, you have goals and dreams but if stress is impacting your hormonal health no matter what stage you’re at how you’re feeling on the inside is getting in the way
  • You’re ready to take control of your health, you’re no longer prepared to carry on with the way your life is now, as it’s impacting every area of your life whether that’s making a career change, earning your worth, creating major relationship decisions, up-levelling your business. Your time to shine has arrived!
  • Even though life has thrown lots of challenges your way in the past, you’re ready to accept what’s happened and  move on.
  • You believe you can do this, you know that everything starts in the mind, mindset is key. You know that it’s possible to open up new pathways to the mind to create new thoughts, you’ve read the research and you’re open to expanding that part of you, the whole of you. You trust that this can happen for you, you just need help getting there
  • You have a burning desire to change your health and life for the better as you know that deep down there lies a strong and powerful force within you; you just need a helping hand getting there!

not for you if:

  • You’re ok living with how your health and life is as you’ve adapted to a new way of living. You’re coping even though you’re feeling unease on some level, you’re not ready to address your challenges at this moment in time. 
  • You don’t believe that the health challenges have an emotional connection or relate to your previous experiences in life.
  • You’re not ready to finally let go and move on from the emotions that you may be subconsciously stored within you. 
  • If you believe that you have no control over what you’re going through in life at the moment.

Unlock your mind’s neuroplasticity with  Reinvent your Life to unlock your success in every aspect of your life in health, wealth, love, career and more!

Your Investment:

One payment of £1,490

2 monthy payments of £745

3 monthy payments of £546
(total £1638)

Frequently asked questions

Q: I have had so much help in the past, what makes this different?

Q: Ive had many sessions in the past to address my phobias, fears and anxiety but they haven’t helped me very much. So how do I know if this is going to benefit me?

Q: Is it suitable for children?

Q: How quickly will I see results?

Q: I’m worried, I don’t want to talk about what I’ve been through, it’s too painful and I don’t want to go there

Q: How long are the sessions?

Q: How often do I need to book in?

Q: What do I need to do to set up and appointment with you?

Q: I don’t live in the UK, can you still help me?

Q: How will I know that the session has worked?

Q: What if I don’t use all 6 sessions in one batch?

Q: ​Is difficult for me to pay the whole lump-sum in one payment, is there any flexibility with this?

Let go of the drama that everyday life presents
It’s time to shine in the world, to step away from your shadow…

Your extraordinary life is waiting for for You!

Are you wondering whether to take this up now or wait?

It’s all too easy to wait another year, to try tweaking one more habit by yourself before investing in yourself.

The fact is most of us lead busy lives full to the brim.

We’re maxed out with responsibilities. And all the while our hearts and minds are longing for a more fulfilling life. Long term, this way of living is unsustainable, 
as something will eventually give,

… let it not be your health!

Stop standing in your own way
The time to invest in your transformation is now!
You can’t afford not to …

Just surrender - surrender to your whole infinitely powerful self, trust that your life fits a bigger plan. You can be, do and have whatever you want
IF you allow yourself to 

… Anything is possible

Are you ready to get out of your own way?

then let me help you!

It’s time to stop searching outwards. The key to your long-term happiness lies within you. Turn inwards, re-wire your mind with a new set of  instructions and bring on a better way of living!

Client Love

'The stress and shame no longer has a place in me …’  Since our first session I have been through a process of parting from the baggage of all the emotions which were in my mind for years.

I had clumped all of these emotions as one big emotion. I had never thought of separating them, in my mind it was all one. I can really feel the benefits of what we did together a few days ago. I felt relieved that in my mind the stress and shame no longer had a place. I had already done so much work on myself, this was more the ending that I needed as I could not separate myself, by myself. The homeopathy is really helping me alongside in terms of my anxiety and digestive issues. I feel that most of the physical symptoms I have been experiencing were as a result of the anxiety and stress that I had been holding onto for so long. The more I let go of, the more headspace I feel I am acquiring for other things and being a better person, more importantly, the person I have been longing to be for so long. I have shed a few tears, they’re not even tears of hurt anymore, simply a story that I had in my mind and of what I went through. I would love my daughters to go through this process too as I think they’re suffering with the hurt and pain also, they too saw their mother grieving from a very early age. Thank you so much, I’m so glad I joined your programme. Sadhna. 

- SD, Canada

I feel far more centred and settled. Any issues that come up don’t disturb my peace for long anymore …’

‘I came for the session because I wanted to have a fresh start, I wanted to move on from past emotions and thought patterns etc. I didn’t really know what to expect and I came with an open mind. Sadhna explained the process really well and I felt comfortable going ahead with the session. She reassured me that it would not involve delving into specific details or events and that made me feel more comfortable and at ease.

The session proceeded at the right pace, not too fast or too slow. After the session I didn’t have any heavy emotions or thoughts come up and felt quite refreshed and ready to move on. Since the session I have noticed that I have been feeling more centred and settled and clean. Any issues that I have had to deal with have not disturbed my peace for long, whereas before I would continue to think about them and lose sleep. This is a big shift for me as I have had this habit for many years. Thank you Sadhna for providing this service.

- SB, Middlesex

It’s given me the confidence to approach situations in a brave and strong way by emotionally being in control …’

‘I decided to go for Sadhna’s Reinvent Your Life programme in order to develop more confidence in myself and learn to let go. Also, to think more positively, concentrate on more important things which are right in front of me and live in the moment. My experience during the session was feeling a sense of calm and relaxation and after the session I felt very sleepy and relaxed, it was like floating into the clouds. I really enjoyed the session very much! It’s given me the confidence to approach situations in a brave and strong way, with a good positive attitude! And also, the ability of being more emotionally in control by learning to let go of situations which are not important. I would definitely recommend this everyone.

- SD, Middlesex

‘I recommend this to anyone who wants to refresh their thinking ad make profound changes in their life…’

‘I have been feeling somewhat ‘stuck’ for a while now and needed help to enable me to ‘shift’ my thinking, so that I could move forwards. Having heard great things about Sadhna from my network, I decided to give her a call. Sadhna came across as natural an unpretentious and was easy to talk to. She told me about Reinvent Your Life which has helped a number of her clients to challenge their thinking and try to remove obstacles to their success.

Following our initial call, I took a few days to reflect and then decided to go for the programme. I’m glad I made that decision as since the first session I feel much better, have more clarity, and have re-evaluated my goals. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who wants to refresh their thinking and make profound changes in their life.

I do believe you get what you pay for and as expected, a programme of this nature is not going to cheap. That said, it isn’t a one-off expense such as a new handbag, it’s a real investment in you and the person you want to be.

If you value yourself and can invest the time and money the programme warrants, then go for it!’

- Rachel Alexander, Middlesex

I’ve had one session of REINVENT YOUR LIFE with Sadhna recently, to help me manage an uncomfortable situation that was impacting my everyday life. The session was very powerful, and I cried a lot. This felt very cathartic, and helped me release emotions that had built up.  At the end of the session, I felt emotionally ‘lifted’ and ‘lighter’. Since the session, I am less plagued by the situation that was causing me stress before, and am not ruminating as much. I would definitely recommend the session to anyone feeling like they are emotionally ‘stuck’. Thank you Sadhna!

- AR, Ruislip

‘I have released those powerful emotions that had kept me ‘chained’ in every aspect of my life…’

‘So far, I have had two sessions over zoom. For me this process has unlocked deeply ingrained thoughts and feelings that I have been holding on to for the whole of my life since childhood. Despite seeking support from a number of therapies over the years I find myself still struggling to shift these emotions and find that fear and feelings of not being good enough still surround me in every area of my life, both in my personal relationships and at work. The programme so far has helped me to realise the depth and impact these emotions had on me throughout my life and as a result I have managed to release those powerful emotions that had kept me ‘chained’ in every aspect of my life. When fear comes up now, I don’t allow this negative emotion to hold me down like it did before as unlocking this chain of fear has enabled me to gain the confidence I had always been searching for. Thank you Sadhna, this experience has been invaluable.

- SP, Berkshire

I should have done this years ago by putting myself first for a change …’

‘This has been the most powerful life changing experience I have been through! I’m at a crossroads right now, with my career and my marriage, life has turned on its head and I needed guidance of some sort.  When I spoke to Sadhna I really didn’t know what to expect to be honest. Part of me was a little apprehensive but I realised that the clock is ticking away, decisions need to be made and I really needed to take ownership of my life and tackle my future head on. But I didn’t know how. The sessions with Sadhna proved to be the best thing I’ve done for myself. I’ve let go of all the stories I had created in my mind, the excuses I kept telling myself (to make myself feel better which I now realise were keeping me stuck) and the fears that never materialised over the whole of my life! 

I no longer have to turn to food to help me get through my challenging moments, I feel more in control. I used to see all these posts on social media about letting go, release the anger and forgive those that have hurt you but in reality, I found it really hard to do. I’ve also learnt that there’s a positive learning curve in everything I’ve been through, even the painful parts of my life and I can honestly say I can now finally move on and stop hiding away behind a mask.

It’s incredible how we store so much in my minds from our earliest years that we’re not even aware of and yet it’s impacting us today.   The best thing about this process is that I didn’t really need to delve in to my past, I didn’t want to go there and talk about it and I didn’t have to and I did it all online, I didn’t even need to leave my house!

I now have greater clarity to move forward with my future, renewed sense of confidence and self-belief and that I am capable of achieving whatever I want, no-one’s going to stop me or get in my way, not even my own mind! The only regret I have is that I should have done this years ago instead of putting everything else and everyone else before myself. I can’t recommend this programme highly enough, thank you Sadhna.

- SS, Yorkshire

‘I am relieved to let go of some feelings, fears and responses to long buried events …’

‘I decided I would like to try Sadhna’s Reinvent Your Life programme which included Time Line Therapy which I had never heard of before.

By the time you get to my age (in my eighties) a lot of past events leave challenges for the present and I carried a lot of guilt about various issues.

Sadhna explained how the sessions would proceed. Each time Sadhna’s lovely, calm voice took me back along the timeline of my life to my childhood, birth and beyond.

She was gentle and explained how to float back in time from high above and observe my life from above. It was a wonderful journey recalling my unconscious thoughts and memories. It was a fulfilling experience as I was coaxed to let go of my negative feelings which had been buried in my unconscious for many decades. After the sessions I found I was relieved to let go of some feelings, fears and responses to long buried events.  When negative thoughts now trouble me, I find it’s much quicker and easier to release and overcome them.

I think Sadhna approached the sessions in the right spirit and it has been a very therapeutic experience and I now feel much calmer in my approach to negative issues. Sadhna is a very good, capable and kind therapist and it is a very relaxing treatment which I would thoroughly recommend.’

- Sonya, Uxbridge

I felt down because friends had hurt me, and I couldn’t move on and it was affecting my sleep. I had one session of Reinvent Your Life with Sadhna and found it very relaxing. Afterwards, I felt like I had let a lot of the negative feelings go and am now sleeping a bit better too. I don’t feel sensitive, not feeling depressed anymore. I don’t particularly like seeing this one person at school but when I do it doesn’t bother me like it used to. I’m generally a lot better within myself as well. I don’t feel down all the time, I feel more like myself. I don’t worry as much really and I feel less sensitive in general. I do feel much happier, I feel like it’s changed my life."

- Tom, Middlesex aged 15

Are you ready to Reinvent Your Life and free yourself from the root cause of your chronic illness?

I'm so READY!

‘I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life’

Here’s to your extraordinary health and life!

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