Rebalancing You From The Outside In!

Rebalancing You From The Outside In!

Healing and keeping ourself in balance is an all round process! Becoming mindful about our thoughts, what and when we eat and drink as well as what we put in as well as apply on our bodies, not forgetting the environmental factors! The list is endless but all these factors may play their part on impacting our day to day and future health.

Below is the whole range of beauty, skin care and cleaning products that I LOVE and would confidently recommend to my clients because I and my family use them regularly or have done in the past.

Feel free to click on each tab and browse. These are exceptionally high quality products sourced from natural ingredients from around the world that are ethically made with integrity and great care.

Your lifestyle – Body and Makeup

I have totally fallen in love with this beauty and make up range! You’ve just have to smell the products – they smell beautiful and when you feel them on your skin you will fall in love with them too!. They’re for all ages, so whether you have a daughter that’s gradually being introduced to
makeup and looking for the latest trendy look to those of us with older skin – the range is suitable for everyone. Furthermore, you won’t find a specific range for combination, oily or dry skin, because the ingredients are so natural they will balance the pH levels of your skin naturally irrespective of the skin type!

100% vegan, cruelty free and freshly hand-made and delivered to your door within 2 weeks of being created. Furthermore, they will last a long time as you need such a small amount on your skin. Oh yes and they’re environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable. How fantastic is that!

Supplementing your amazing life and health

While I’m a great believer in the fact that the body has the ability to heal itself, I also do feel that sometimes it needs a helping hand to take it through that process. Unfortunately, the food that we are eating these days doesn’t contain all the nutrients that it use to. Sadly, we’ve taken more than we have put back in to our soil! So, at times depending on the state of our health and the messages our body is giving us through chronic health conditions, it may be necessary to supplement the body to bring its chemistry back to balance. These products are simply wonderful, they will assist the body in releasing toxins and supplement the nutritional deficiencies without additional toxins, chemicals and fillers often added to many ‘supplements’ these days.

Your lifestyle – Mother and Baby

Take a look at these products which were created by Romy Fraser back in 1981 who was passionate about homeopathy and herbs. The blue bottles are striking and the mother and baby range is wonderfully natural and healing!

Your cleaner lifestyle

Last but not least, I love the healing power of aloe vera, the range particularly the aloe vera gel drink, deodorant, aloe heat lotion, and aloe vera gelly which is great for burns and anything inflammatory. Now, ask yourself, how much do you spend on different household detergents in a week or month?

Research states that women using cleaning supplies daily either at work or at home have a greater decline in lung capacity so ditch the sprays use a cloth and water or safer organic products! MPD is aloe based works on the lot! It can be used on any work surface, carpets, tiles, floors, laundry, dishes and in the bathroom too – it’s environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Oh and great for washing your make up brushes!!

So, all in all you have a great choice of life enhancing products here, no matter what stage of life you’re at you will certainly find something amazingly beautiful here to supplement your health from the outside in. Browse away, click and order and have the products delivered to your doorstep!

Happy shopping, to your wellbeing!