Frequently Asked Questions

We often get many of the same questions, so created this page for reference.

– Does this way of working have any side effects?

This approach is totally holistic and natural and rebalances the whole body and the prescription is individualized. There are no side effects from working in this way.  Sadhna and her family benefit from this way of working as the main focus is on stimulating the body’s own healing itself.

– Can you help with bedwetting?

There are some great remedies for bedwetting. Sadhna will take the child’s case and look for possible underlying reasons for this. Reflexology and chakra healing are also particularly helpful, even more so when combined with homeopathy as these therapies address the emotional and physical aspects of the individual.

– I know my child has so much potential, something’s not quite right with him and he loses concentration very quickly, is there anything you can do to help?

Yes, there is a lot that can be done to help your child with Inspiring homeopathy, CEASE therapy,  nutritional support and diet and lifestyle changes. By looking at how the mother’s pregnancy, delivery and the child’s early years progressed we are able to assess what support your child may need to bring out the best in him or her. The aim is to support your child to reach their potential, this could be to concentrate more effectively, eat better if this is an issue engage more effectively in learning and socially depending on what your and his concerns are.

– My child suffers from eczema and is regularly taking anti histamines at bed time and steroid creams. I am concerned about the long term effects of these but life would be very difficult for both of us if I were to stop my child from taking them, can homeopathy help in any way?

Yes, of course it can. I would not recommend that you stop taking the treatment that child is currently taking. The aim would be to start your child on a programme of treatment to help support their immune system. Both forms of treatment can work together side by side. Gradually he/she would be able to wean off the prescribed medicine without experiencing any discomfort. You will see that with time your child will develop and flourish on a more holistic level both emotionally and physically.

– I’ve been suffering from sudden flushes of heat during the day and I wake up in the morning feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. My doctor says that I’ve got the first signs of the menopause and suggested that I can be offered HRT. I don’t want to go on HRT can you help in any way?

All the therapies offered by Rebalancing Life are great for treating menopausal symptoms. Reflexology is wonderful for rebalancing the endocrine system and chakra healing too can harmonise your imbalances and give you ‘space’  and help you to ‘focus’ on yourself during this stage in your life. Homeopathy too is very effective in rebalancing the body on an emotional and physical level and addressing the symptoms that you are experiencing. Menopause is a time of great changes for a woman, a period of life that should be embraced as a woman identifies new freedom, reflection and growth.

– I’ve been on HRT for a while now but I’m worried that I may get my old symptoms back when I come off it. Can you help me in any way?

Yes! Before you consider stopping HRT I would help you prepare for this by looking at your lifestyle, diet the symptoms you experienced before taking HRT and give you appropriate homeopathic remedies and treatment so that when you do stop taking HRT the transition is as smooth as possible for you. We can then work together to deal with any symptoms you are experiencing once you have stopped taking HRT, these are likely to be the ones that caused you to go on HRT in the first place.

– Can a Reflexologist diagnose illness?

The answer is no! We are not licensed physicians. Even though my clients will say specifically what their problem is, we are not trained to cure these problems directly. I spend time working on the reflex area on the foot that corresponds to the body part that is troubled but our treatments cannot be classified as medical treatment as such.

– I’ve been on a course of antibiotics. Although my health has improved slightly I’m feeling very weak and am not completely better yet. I don’t want to take another course of antibiotics, can you help at all?

Yes, homeopathy can help and so can reflexology and chakra healing. Not only can I support you with building up your immune system, I can help with the residual symptoms that you are left with, and more!

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