Optimise Your Life

& Discover your  True Self energetically

revolutionise your thinking and get your life back on track. 


It’s 2024 yet another year has passed with you still asking yourself this


“Will I ever feel at PEACE?”


“Will I ever feel HEALTHY again?”


“What is it that I truly WANT out of life ?”


“Will I ever fulfill my biggest desires?”

However, this time something feels different.  

You’re feeling a strong pull towards embracing and transforming your life in much bigger ways, but you can’t quite figure out how it will happen! 


I am sensing that you’ve…

been searching for answers over some big decisions you need to make in your life 


already begun your spiritual journey or are at a crossroads of some potentially defining moment in your life where you’re feeling a longing for something beyond what exists in your life right now


been feeling an indescribable knowing inside of you that there is something deeper, bigger and better where you can feel greater flow, freedom, peace and abundance amidst all the chaos that surrounds you

Your moment of awakening has arrived!

As you’re done with… 

Compromising your health over your commitments 

You appear as if you have it all, but deep down you’re running on empty and you can’t do this to yourself anymore.  

Struggling with relationships in your life  

Perhaps with making peace with your past or voicing how you truly feel? 

Extending yourself to others to make them feel good 

 while not acknowledging or appreciating your own needs, wants and desires.  

Feeling exhausted not just physically, but mentally too

from doing too much of what your head’s saying and less of what your heart’s yearning. 

Wondering how others appear to have their life together  

while yours is riddled with confusion, overwhelm and guilt. 

Spending your time, money and energy on help and support  

That’s left you feeling disheartened and questioning whether you’ll ever feel the peace and joy you’re craving. 

With so many areas of your life to consider from relationships to purpose, prosperity and more  

There’s only one place to start and that’s by focusing your AWARENESS on 

Your Energy!

That means energetically shifting your awareness beyond your conscious reality, towards something more powerful that’s within you already!  

It all begins with YOU! 

“I realise that to change my outer world I need to reassess my INNER world”

I’m ready for more!

Just imagine how you would feel if you could:


Discover the person you were born to be. The place within where your truth and the magic to your future life lies! 


Feel excited, think more expansively and feel liberated to create greater impact and live a more meaningful life. One that gives you a greater sense of purpose, a better future and that will serve your loved ones and your wider world in a more impactful way. 


Finally let go of playing small as it’s causing more ‘dis-ease’ and you’re not prepared to do that to your health any longer. 


Honour the burning desires within you that are knocking on your door, louder than ever before.  


Stop the waiting game. You’re no longer waiting for the right circumstances for things to happen for you, you’re not waiting for your turn. You’re choosing the right opportunities and better still you’re creating them, and you’re creating them right now! 


Finally give love and acceptance to the past versions of you by starting to honour the WHOLE of you, with your head held up high. 


Drop the fear and anxiety for your future life and trust and surrender to the knowing that you are always guided, and that you will always make the right choices for you at the right time, that will lead to your personal evolution. 


Live life on your terms, and continue to strike a balance between managing your commitments and your inner calling.  

I invite you to join me every Tuesday from the 24th June for 12 weeks at 8pm BST on Zoom where you will…

Optimise Your Life

& Discover your  True Self

With this 12-step process to energetically revolutionise your thinking and get your life back on track. 

The next 3 months offers you a culmination of the most powerful scientifically proven approaches that integrate the neurology of your brain, with your mind, body and most importantly with the calling of your soul. 

 Each 90-minute session in this group collective will powerfully steer you in the direction to … 


Discovering greater inner peace and contentment by freeing yourself from the root cause of the blocks which may lie in not feeling safe and secure, loved and lovable, whole, worthy and enough.


Unleashing the power of your subconscious mind that’s beyond all that you currently know and discovering your true purpose in this life by embodying the energy of your true self and supporting it with aligned action in your conscious reality. 


Becoming visible, by unapologetically honouring your true self, the whole of you, your vulnerabilities and all, and by expressing your truth without fear of judgment or of becoming alone. 


Leaning in to your powerful whole self by marrying the intuitive, divine feminine energy of flow, trust and surrender with the masculine energy, of provider and action taker with the knowing that everything is happening for your highest good in perfect timing from within.  There’s no place for self-doubt, fear, anxiety, procrastination and overwhelm anymore.  


Aligning yourself with the vibration of love, love for yourself and others as that’s what you truly are. You’ll do this by releasing the layers above that by letting go of past hurts, pain and shadows and accept the gifts they offer as they propel you to step in to the depths of the expansive true power you hold within. Love.


Surrendering to the power of infinite possibilities beyond the knowing of your logical mind by embodying the energy of the divine masculine and feminine within you and raising your mind to the frequency of that which you desire and deserve to become, to do and to have and then magnetising it in to your life with ease and flow. 


Reclaiming your wholeness by discovering aspects of you that you never knew existed, and reconnecting with your inner child that’s been yearning to be seen, and that’s been patiently waiting for you to discover her again. 


Becoming unstoppable by discovering your new found freedom and confidence of who you are at your core by breaking free from self-sabotage, and all the beliefs, fears and conditioning that weren’t ever yours to begin with. 


Honouring yourself by embodying self-compassion and self-trust like you’ve never experienced before so that you naturally show up as your authentic self in your personal and professional life.  


Discovering your inner power and BECOMING what you desire right now by creating new neural pathways that allow you to take quantum leaps, and close the gap between now and your future goals, because you can! Believe that everything is happening for your highest good and you are co-creating with the Universe right now! 


Becoming the author of your life by jumping out of bed excited each day, ready to write the next page of your epic life story!   

Here’s the thing, you can’t transform what you’re unaware of…these insights are what you’ll discover!

We kick off on Tuesday 24th June 2024 as we set the tone for Summer by giving love and honouring ourselves.

During the three months of working together you will receive: 

Twelve super powerful, mind-blowing (literally!) sessions online consisting of Energetic Activations, Journeys into Consciousness, Timeline Therapy, NLP tools and techniques, Energetic Breakthrough tools and much more.

Each group member will receive exactly what they need to reach their next level of growth in order to fulfil their unique destiny.

Letting Go

Week 1

Unlock the power within 

This activation meditation will powerfully and energetically shift your awareness beyond your current reality, by paving the way for you to receive all the divine miracles and abundance that awaits you in every aspect of your life.


Week 2-5

Letting go at the root-cause

It’s time to acknowledge, accept and release all the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, habits and experiences that no longer serve you and finally eliminate their impact on your body. The mind-body connection is real.

Discover the inner blocks

Discover what they came to teach you, then reframe them to a better way of thinking and believing that serves and enhances your personal growth, your future, your peace, fulfilment and ultimately your life in every sphere.



Week 6

Activating the masculine and feminine within

It’s time to drop into Flow. Activating the pineal, the heart and the hara, by reconnecting and aligning all aspects of you from the creation of ideas led by your soul, to transforming them with aligned action into results beyond your wildest dreams. This activation meditation will turbo-charge you to co-create with the infinite powers of the Universe so that you become unstoppable!


Week 7

Returning to your wholeness

As you begin to let go and evolve, a new more powerful YOU emerges. This journey into consciousness will take you on a journey of rediscovery, one that reconnects with your inner child, the truth of you, with all the power and potential that was locked away within you for so long. As this new knowing unfolds, you begin to feel whole and complete again like you’ve never felt before. There’s no going back to the old version of you!



Week 8

Soothing the physical body and the central nervous system 

It’s time to heal the physical body and immerse every cell and fibre of your mind with your body energetically. This activation meditation will restore the energy of peace, calm, restoration and balance to the energy pathways running through your body. It’s time to acknowledge and give gratitude to the remarkable power your body holds to carry you through all of life’s challenges and the turbulence subjected to it. It’s time to heal and renew. This session will instil peace to your entire being on the cellular level. 



Week 9

Higher Self Activation

This journey into consciousness will connect you with your higher purpose. You will receive insights, messages and guidance from your higher self and be able to head in to your future life with greater clarity, confidence and focus. Your trust and connection with the infinite power of Universal energy will become unshakeable!


Week 10

Embracing your fullest spiritual expression 

This journey into consciousness will take you beyond the constraints of your logical mind. You will discover the unlimited and powerful potential you hold beyond the constraints of what you know already. The abundance of miracles that await you beyond your current level of thinking, feeling, being and the current actions you are taking. These conversations with your subconscious are priceless! A stark reminder that your circumstances don’t matter, your state of being matters.


Week 11 – 12

The Becoming of You in alignment with your newly identified future goals

It’s time to show up as the highest and most powerfully aligned version of you that’s unstoppable. The activation meditations and the tools we use here will support you to become that person who is unstoppable, who knows with confidence and clarity the trajectory of their future life and holds an unshakeable belief and trust that everything is unfolding in its divine order with all the resources and support opening up in perfect timing. Consider it done!

When the divine masculine and feminine integrates within me, I feel whole and complete and my life flows from my deepest true self with ease.”

Sadhna, Energy Breakthrough Method Practitioner

I'm Sadhna, and I help women finally have it ALL in life.

To step in to their power and to free themselves from the root cause of their health and life challenges without the guilt, burnout, overwhelm and self-sacrifice. It’s your birthright TO BE YOU, it’s why you came in to existence. It’s my role to help you discover your true essence again by releasing the layers that are holding you back.

As a Homeopath and Mind-Body Transformation Specialist I have been working with energy healing using a variety of modalities since 1994. I started with foot Reflexology, Chakra balancing, Homeopathy, Time Line Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming and now with the addition of my deepest and most profound work on the energetic level as an Energy Breakthrough Method Practioner.

With this in mind I feel priviledged to bring to your almost 30 years of experience spanning a wide specturm of energetic healing modalities, that help align mind, body and spirit with soul in order to optimise your health and life.

Everything starts with your energy!

It’s my inner calling to serve those that align with my most profound work so far, and it would be my honour and privilege to.

This is for your if…


You are done playing small.


If you know that you deserve much more in life and you’re ready to have it.


You’re ready to say goodbye to the life you’ve lived and excited for the life that awaits you.  


You are ready to discover the whole of you and embrace it by accessing the higher level of your potential, and fully activating it. 


You are ready to awaken those parts and discover your true power, whatever that may be for you, so that you live your life with greater meaning and purpose. 


You are committed to making the rest of your life the best of your life, where you are living each day in ultimate flow, by honouring your true self, that woman you were born to be. 


You are ready to honour your needs unapologetically in a way that didn’t seem possible before, as you now realise that that’s the path to giving your best to your loved ones and create greater impact in your world. 


You are ready to activate and embody the unbounded gifts of your soul in your daily life so that faith, trust and love become your baseline and ripple through your thoughts, beliefs and actions, whatever your current circumstances. 


You believe you can turn things around.You know that everything starts in the mind; mindset is key. You’ve understood that it’s possible to open up new new neural pathways in the mind to create new thoughts that can optimise your life, now, you just need the support. 


You have a burning desire to change your health and life for the better and impact others in this life time as you know that deep down there lies a strong and powerful force within you; you just need a helping hand to discover it! 

When each woman rises from love, she is not only healing herself she is healing the generations, before her and creating ripples for the generations that follow her.

We’re living at a pivotal time in human history where the need for the Divine Feminine has never been so desperately needed as it is now.

The traditional role of the women is evolving dramatically. Women have access to far more opportunities in life than previous generations. We’re making great strides in our careers, raising a family, enjoying more financial independence than ever before, yet feeling increasingly trapped in our mind, body and soul as we continue to search and question the possibility for greater inner peace, joy and fulfilment. 

Burning the candle at both ends is no longer a sustainable option and so women are looking for deeper meaning and purpose beyond the life they’re currently leading.

If you are an awakening woman who is feeling that there is an unsung voice inside of you, an inner calling that you feel you need to honour yet feels overwhelming to actualise then OPTIMISE YOUR LIFE could be the answer you are seeking. OPTIMISE YOUR LIFE  meets you where you are now, bridges the gap between the rich possibilities you are seeking or yet to discover and empowers you to step in to your most authentic and magnetic expression by integrating and embodying the divine feminine and masculine within you.

“I am the Master of my energy and

my energy transforms my world.” 

Become the person you were born to be! 

Be the change you want to see in the world – by creating a ripple effect, improve lives of your loved ones that will influence those for generations to come.

Unlock your mind’s neuroplasticity with OPTIMISE YOUR LIFEto

Unlock your success in every aspect of your life 






“My expansion is limitless,

i am infinite.

I choose to create my future life right now.” 

“I am ready to optimise my life and discover my true self.” 

your investment


Payment Plans available on request

included in your investment:

Full access Sadhna’s 12-week signature programme, delivered live by Sadhna 

An exclusive OPTIMISE YOUR LIFE community

A complimentary lunch in London UK in Spring 2024 (venue and date to be confirmed)

I’m ready to invest in

Optimise Your Life

& discover myTrue Self

pay in full 

1 payments of


Best Value

2 payments of


low cost 

3 payments of


****** Fast Action bonuses ******

The first 6 members to join the program will receive:

a Personalised 1:1 Timeline Therapy™ Session online – value £500

12 Months FREE ACCESS to my Membership HEALTH HACKS HUB – value £266

a Homeopathic Remedy/Flower Essence/Pure Essential Oil to support your transition to your new found FREEDOM – value £100 (shipped to UK and Abroad)

Total Value = £866

“The activation meditation Sadhna did for us was sublime!”

Sadhna was a live expert speaker in our Inspire Club delivering the masterclass this month on the Divine Feminine.

She was candid, open and spoke beautifully about the topic of feminine energy and how to harness it. The activation meditation she did with us was sublime!

She was able to share with eloquence her experience and give key tips on how to activate our divine feminine power with confidence. We found her session to be insightful, helpful and clear. Thank you so much Sadhna!

RK, Asian Women Mean Business

“Sadhna is a friend whose magnetic personality, positive energy and outlook on life has drawn me towards her.”

I had decided to attend her 4 day workshop “Unlock your Divine Health” and was blown away at how well she presented, connected and educated all those who took part.

I can honestly tell you that the woman I saw on screen is the same woman off screen, someone who genuinely cares for others, wants the best for them and works straight from the heart.

You’re in safe hands with Sadhna, her energy is of peace, love and so much wisdom from which you can only benefit from.

KS, London

“Sadhna is a friend whose magnetic personality, positive energy and outlook on life has drawn me towards her.”

I had decided to attend her 4 day workshop “Unlock your Divine Health” and was blown away at how well she presented, connected and educated all those who took part.

I can honestly tell you that the woman I saw on screen is the same woman off screen, someone who genuinely cares for others, wants the best for them and works straight from the heart.

You’re in safe hands with Sadhna, her energy is of peace, love and so much wisdom from which you can only benefit from.

KS, London

“Sadhna created an environment that was warm, inviting and incredibly comfortable.”

Through Sadhna’s guidance, I experienced numerous downloads of ‘knowings’ and ideas. The moments of stillness and introspection during the consciousness journeys served as a grounding experience and created more connection to myself and presence. During these deep guided journeys, I was able to connect with my ancestors and receive invaluable messages from them.

You have a remarkable ability to hold space with grace, allowing others to explore their inner landscapes, and discover their true potential.

I am immensely grateful for the transformative experience I’ve had within your sessions, and I wholeheartedly recommend Sadhna to anyone seeking deep parental growth and self-discovery.

KL, Middlesex

Have You Got Questions?

I have answers.

When does the program begin?

The program is delivered on a weekly basis, it begins on Tuesday 16th April 8pm on Zoom for 12 weeks

If I can’t attend one week, will I be able to catch up?

You will be able to watch the recording

I am new to this type of work but I feeling a strong calling for it as I am at a crossroads and am open to discovering new ways to help me move on with my life. Is this for me?

Absolutely. The powerful energetic work and principles you will learn from Optimise Your Life will cut months, if not years, between where you are now, and where you want to be. 

What is a consciousness journey?

It’s a way of you connecting with your deepest inner state of being and witnessing for yourself the potential that you hold within you for your future life and transformation.

Consciousness journeys allow you to remain awake whilst you shift your awareness and your vibration in ways that are beyond your current understanding of your life. 

In a group consciousness journey do I have to share my experiences with others?

No, you don’t have to share anything or speak with anyone if you don’t want to. It’s your personal journey of growth and expansion and you can communicate as much or as little as you wish to. 

How is masculine and feminine energy incorporated into Optimise Your Life™?

The terms masculine and feminine are used to give context to our logical mind to understand the patterns that already exist within us. They influence every aspect of our life by inhibiting or expanding us through our behaviours and our conscious and unconscious choices. Optimise Your Life aims to create awareness and enhance flow of the divine masculine and feminine energy patterns within us.

Is Optimize Your Life for men too?

It really is for every human being on the planet who has a desire to stretch their mind beyond the awareness of their logical thinking, to discover their inner potential and spiritual growth beyond their current understanding of themselves. This will lead to achieving greater personal fulfilment, peace and joy.  

I’ve had many sessions in the past to address my phobias, fears and anxiety but they haven’t helped me very much. So how do I know if this is going to benefit me?

As a holistic health and wellbeing practitioner, I offer you 30+ years of training and experience. Optimise Your Life will support you in getting to the root cause as that’s where true transformation takes place.

Will Optimize Your Life work for me?

Short answer – YES! 

Long answer – Yes, probably much faster than you can expect! It will work for you if you are ready to take your life to the next level of personal transformation. 

What do you mean by energy?

Energy is universal, it’s everywhere and you are energy too! For example, when you walk in to a room, others feel your energy without speaking with you and you have a sense of theirs too. The way we emit our energy may stem from our deepest beliefs and from our life experiences which may impact us beyond our conscious awareness. What we are doing here with Optimise Your Life is bringing the potential of what lies dormant within us into our awareness so that we lead our future life with greater focus, clarity and the right mindset. 

What have I got to lose?

A lot! Everything that’s holding you back that you are aware of and not yet aware of. Your fears, doubts, belief blocks, thoughts and decisions that you have created, and the aspects of your higher mind that you’re not aware of. 

I have completed Reinvent Your Life Online with you before, how is this different?

I now see aspects of Reinvent Your Life Online as the foundation of discovering your true self which is fundamental. With Optimise Your Life you will receive the benefit of Reinvent Your Life Online and much more. It is my most profound work so far and is incredibly deep as words cannot do justice. The transformation is profound and one to be experienced!  

I have had so much help in the past, what makes this different?

OPTIMISE YOUR LIFE gets to the heart of what you’re struggling with in life today as we address the underlying cause of what’s holding you back in health and life. As we progress through life, our energy is changing, it continues to evolve. The help you have received so far has brought you to this level. Optimise Your Life will support you to evolving to your next level of personal growth, and beyond! 

I don’t live in the UK, can you still help me?

All the sessions take place over zoom, so I am able to assist you wherever you are in the world as long as you have access to a computer or smart phone. 

I’ve had many sessions in the past to address my phobias, fears and anxiety but they haven’t helped me very much. So how do I know if this is going to benefit me?

As a holistic health and wellbeing practitioner, I offer you 29+ years of training and experience. Optimise Your Life will support you in getting to the root cause as that’s where true transformation takes place.

Is this a 1:1 program that is face to face or online?

No, this is an online group program. Over the space of 12 weeks you will receive 12 sessions of approximately 90 minutes each in a group setting. The sessions will be recorded for you to listen to and you will have lifetime access.

You will be required to invest in approximately 1-2 hours of independent reflection time each week with an emphasis placed on mastering the skill of journalling, post each weekly group call. This is key to enhancing your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

My other programs are as follows: For 1:1 online work, click here 

For 1:1 in person work, click here

How quickly will I see results?

Many clients have begun to experience changes straightaway in their lives, some in minutes, days and weeks. That’s the power we hold within us! Our mind has the ability to create neural pathways at any given moment in time. These new pathways rewire the mind and regulate our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and responses and lead to a new way of BE-ing.  

It is difficult for me to pay the whole lump-sum in one payment, is there any flexibility with this?

I understand, and have tried to make this investment in your future as easy as possible for you by giving you the option to pay the sum over two or three instalments. 

what do I need to join?

Simply click on the link below if you would like to schedule a call first. Ensure that you have an electronic device with a fully operational camera facility. Once payment is received you will receive the initial paperwork for completion and be advised of the start date etc.  

Do you offer a money back guarantee or refund?

You have the right to cancel this agreement within 14 days of the date of joining this program.

You must email me at enquiries@rebalancinglife.com notifying me of your decision. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired. If you cancel this agreement, we will reimburse to you all payments received from you in relation to the agreement within 14 days after the date on which we were informed about your decision to cancel this Contract.

"Sadhna is fantastic at what she does."

I’ve never tried anything like this before and to be honest I was quite sceptical to how it would work. Sadhna is easy to talk to, friendly and guides you though the process at your own pace. I’ve been recommending the Reinvent Your Life Online program to everyone since. I have been doing a lot of self-reflection over the past few years but this was really a breakthrough moment. The self-confidence and self-assurance I have gained since working with Sadhna is priceless. Thank you for all your guidance.

JK, Surrey

"I can now face fear without feeling afraid or judged. "

Sadhna has helped me through my personal journey by showing me an alternative way to view life. Sadhna enabled me to instil self belief and eradicate negativity. I have emotionally walked away from situations that kept me ‘chained’ down and now able to hold my own. It’s thanks to Sadhna for supporting me to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. I can now face fear without feeling afraid or judged. On a journey with many miles to travel but know now that I have a goal to achieve and it’s all thanks to Sadhna.

SR, Berkshire

"I gained my confidence back, a positive mindset and I set life goals for myself which I have successfully fulfilled. "

I cannot recommend Reinvent Your Life Online highly enough – after the first session I instantly felt a huge change within myself and instantly felt positive and more aware of myself. By the last session I gained my confidence back, a positive mindset and I set life goals for myself which I have successfully fulfilled. I have tried different methods previously which didn’t work but this DOES.

I cannot thank Sadhna enough for changing my life around!

PC, Middlesex

We all come into this life with a spark inside us, at our deepest core filled with

pure potential, purpose and big dreams

…somehow life throws challenges and obstacles in our way and the spark is extinguished.

It’s still there, waiting for the day you decide to

ignite it again.