Is the Way You LOOK and FEEL
Weighing You Down?

    • Are you fed up of trying DIFFERENT DIETS & STILL STRUGGLING to shed those pounds?

    • Do you just want to stop eating all the foods you know you shouldn’t be having?

    • Or do you wish you had a magic wand that could just shape your body the way you want it?

Maybe you keep hearing about new weight loss diets but you’re finding it all OVERWHELMING. You know what’s good for you and what isn’t but you still find it hard to say, ‘no’.

Perhaps, you’re already eating healthily and you’re exercising but you still can’t seem to shift STUBBORN AREAS of fat and look the way you want to.

At times, it can feel as if your weight is really starting to get you down and you’re realising that you’re lacking in confidence and self-esteem and it has a lot to do with THE WAY YOU FEEL about your body.

Maybe you’re at a point now where you feel resigned to the idea that this is just the way it will always be even though deep down you’re DESPERATE TO MAKE CHANGES for the better.

Do you....

Wish you could control your eating habits but find you can’t help yourself?
Feel as though you’re caught up in a vicious circle – knowing that losing weight will make you much happier but you don’t know where to start? 
Try lots of diets but still feel fed up with your weight constantly fluctuating?
Do you wish someone could help you balance what’s going on inside with an exact plan to follow so that you can get back on track once and for all?

If so, then I’m here to help!

About Sadhna
Hi I’m Sadhna Chaman

I’m a mother of two and work as a registered homeopath in the UK since 2005. I know how hard life can get when you’re juggling priorities and doing the best you can each and every day. Somehow, no matter how hard we try, making time for ourselves always seems to be pushed further down on the daily To-Do List.

But I’m here to help you change all that because I empower women to embrace life with renewed enthusiasm, confidence and energy in a natural and holistic way with homeopathy, reflexology, chakra balancing and much more!

My philosophy is all about helping women like you make changes to your lifestyle so that you can enjoy significant and sustainable health benefits that mean you can go forward with a greater sense of purpose and vitality.

I really do believe we’re on this journey together to bring out the best in each other and we can achieve whatever we desire in life, whether it’s in our relationships, our health, our work or any other arena - as long as we have the right mindset and support - and that’s what I love giving!



For me weight loss can bring about transformations in women that change their lives DRAMATICALLY for the better.

By losing weight we can unburden ourselves not just physically but mentally as well. By FEELING BETTER about the way you look you can be bolder in life, step out with more confidence and let your inner light shine through on the outside!

I’m confident that this is DIFFERENT to any weight loss program you would have encountered in the past simply because it works on the whole body holistically by cleansing the cells and nourishing them too - so that you are releasing fat, curbing your cravings and boosting your metabolism in a gentle and effective way.

What's Included In The Program

A combination of the most effective homeopathic remedies and herbs taken in the form of drops for 28 days before meals to help you release fat
28 daily emails from me to support and enhance your weight loss journey containing tips, hints and advice to help and motivate you along the way - so you are not alone!
A recommended list of foods to eat regularly on a daily basis that have been carefully researched by Nutritionists to work with the drops to speed up your weight loss
Affirmations that you can listen to every day to keep you motivated
Private Facebook group access where you can gain inspiration, stay motivated and share questions with others
20-minute free consultation at the end of your 28 days to review your progress

Ready to shed those extra pounds? 

Benefits Of The Programme

The CRAVINGS you’ve experienced in the past will no longer exist!
You’ll feel more balanced on the inside which means you simply won’t be tempted to eat the unhealthy foods that you know won’t nourish you
You’ll be more in control of your life which means that you can start living a more empowered life
These VEGAN and GLUTEN/DAIRY FREE drops will have you eating more consciously, so you’re choosing to have treats and eat food in a more controlled way
You’ll be FEELING HAPPIER and MORE CONFIDENT in your own skin!
And you’ll have more energy to achieve more in a day and you’ll enjoy life doing new activities with your family and friends!
You’ll feel more adventurous and ready to have fun doing things you physically didn’t have the energy for in the past and you’ll be shopping for a new wardrobe of clothes in SMALLER sizes!

Sounds good? If the Answer is YES...

What People Have Said ...

Sadhna Chaman, Rebalancing Life

Life after chemotherapy 

'I found this program so much simpler than other diets I had followed. I used this as a kick-start to my weight loss. My mindset changed, I began to nourish my body by putting goodness back in and watched the fat just disappear. Even on my bad days it supported me. I lost 8 inches of fat around my middle in 2 months. My frame became slimmer and everyone noticed the change. I feel great!’

SH, Berkshire
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Anita testimonial

I finally lost the stubborn fat and the cravings too!

'I was at a stage where I was beginning to feel frustrated with not being able to shift the last few stubborn pounds of fat that I was holding on to. Even though it was only a few pounds, I was feeling frustrated and uncomfortable within myself, and worst still, I wasn’t sure what else I could do to help myself. In fact, I was beginning to think that I needed to accept that this the way I was going to look for the rest of my life. I regularly go to the gym and have done so for the past 20+ years, I’ve worked with a personal trainer in the past too, I generally eat a wholesome healthy diet. My biggest challenge though was snacking after a meal on the wrong things, which I couldn’t help. I have taken these drops for 28 days and I feel so much better now, I’ve lost the fat that I had held on to for so long and I feel so much better in my own skin. My cravings have completely disappeared! I am more in control of what I eat and I feel fantastic, it’s really helped me to turn my frustration around. It’s been a good few weeks now since I’ve finished the homeopathic weight loss drops and I haven’t gone back to my old ways. I feel like those last few pounds have finally left me for good and I feel as though it’s given me that push to make those lifestyle changes that I really needed help with, thank you so much! If you’re in two minds and wondering if this works, all I can say is give it a go, if you eat sensibly, cut out processed food and take your drops you can’t not lose fat!'

AC, Middlesex
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Sadhna Chaman, Rebalancing Life

I look and feel 15 years younger

'Life has changed forever for me. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 35 years ago and suffered from debilitating pain every day. I took advantage of the full transformation program because I desperately needed help In one month I lost 19 lbs and was over the moon. Pain had decreased by 40% and I had lots more energy and really enjoying the new food choices I was making.’ Three months later, I was a totally new woman, 42 lbs down and 60 % less pain. I felt energy overload and was totally enjoying everything once again. The down side was I needed to buy a whole new wardrobe ….. How exciting! I walked into shops looking at the bigger sizes only to find I was at least 2 sizes smaller. A very comfortable 16.’ Life had changed forever. Now I’m a size 14/16 with very little pain on a daily basis and down to minimal prescription medication. I had managed to totally change how my body worked. Now I was giving it the right nutrition and was able to cope with my RA and actually reverse the decline. Still, 3 years on and I am 90% free of pain and discomfort This plan is life changing when you really take it by the hand and give yourself and your body time to readjust. I look and feel 15 years younger, if I can do it you can too!'

DS, Kent

This program is...

FOR YOU If You Are:

  • Ready to make a change to their health and weight
    • Desperate to lose weight but want to do it naturally

  • Fed up of trying different diets that haven’t worked for them
    • Ready to embrace a lifestyle change that will lead to a healthier and happy you!

      Busy people that haven’t got time to go to the gym or attend an exercise class

      • Desperate to get their old shape back after having children

      • Health conscious individuals that have adopted a healthy lifestyle but still can’t shift their stubborn fat

NOT For You If:

  • You’re not ready to commit to your health and weight for 28 days
  • You have no desire to change your eating patterns
  • You’re not prepared to say goodbye to junk food
  • You can’t take the drops we recommend regularly 3 times a day on a daily basis for 28 days
  • Changing your lifestyle feels like too much effort!

‘When we have clarity in our mind we are empowered
When we are empowered we take action,
When we take action, we transform’

This program will give you all three!

To your transformation in health and life!

Much love,

Sadhna Chaman

For more information or a 1:1 consultation call me on 07879 480 520 or email:

Your questions answered...

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long will it take for me to lose weight?

I find it really hard to give up certain foods, how will I manage?

Does it actually work?

What happens after 28 days?

Always seek advice from your doctor prior to commencing.

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