Transform your weight at the root cause
in 28 DAYS

Do these thoughts often go through your mind?
    • 'I'm fed up of trying DIFFERENT DIETS & STILL STRUGGLING to shed these pounds.'

    • 'All it takes is for me to look at food and I put on weight.'

    • 'I wish i had a magic wand that could just shape my body the way I want it to look.'

Do you....

...wish you could control your eating habits but find you can't help yourself?

... feel as though you're caught up in a vicious circle - knowing that losing weight will make you happier but not knowing where to start?

...try lots of diets but still feel disheartened because your weight constantly fluctuates?

... wish someone could help you balance what's going on inside by giving you an exact plan to follow, so that you can get back on track once and for all?

Perhaps YOU'VE BEEN ADVISED TO REDUCE WEIGHT as it's having a knock-on effect on other aspects of your health.
Maybe you're already eating healthily and exercising but the STUBBORN AREAS of fat are simply not shifting.

Quite often thoughts such as, 'Perhaps this is the way I'll always be,' run through your head but you really don't want to accept that way of thinking. You've decided that you're not willing to acknowledge that inner voice. You're DESPERATE TO MAKE CHANGES to improve your health and life and you know there has to be a way.

'Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything.
Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.'
- Paulo Coelho

You're not alone - I hear so many women say this too!

I'm here to help with a

a complete mind-body approach that is going to move you towards your dream faster than you could ever imagine.

The journey to the new you starts here with... transforming you


Work on your mindset.

Plan, shop and create healthy meals from scratch using natural ingredients.

Take your natural fat burning drops daily.

Get active and enjoy regular moderate exercise for a few minutes each day.

And this is how I can help you




What's no longer needed. You will let go of the emotions from the experiences of your earlier years which may be impacting your weight, health and adult life in general. This is super powerful as it gets to the bottom of why you haven't been able to make the changes you so want to make. This is fundamental step will unblock your path to greater weight loss and control over moving forward in life.


Your way of thinking, believing, feeling and doing. We'll address any other areas of concern such as letting go of the old script that you've been conditioned to play over in your mind - the thoughts and beliefs and inner conversations that may be sabotaging your efforts previously and that were keeping you stuck in your weight/health, relationships or in work. For example, 'I'm not good enough', 'I'm not seen for who I really am', 'I don't deserve...', 'I can't be...', or 'I can't have...' The list is endless.

We'll continue to work together until you create a new and healthier relationship with food where everything you think, be and do serves you. 


Finally, once you've cleared the blocks in step two you are ready to rewrite your new weight-loss story, one in which your mind gives your body the perfect messages, ones that feel authentic to your true self, at your core. They're ones that excite you and make you spring out of bed each day with renewed optimism, so that you embrace a whole new way to get slim and in shape. You're finally in that place where you can stop feeling stuck and start looking and feeling great!

You're so ready to fulfil your goals, dreams and aspirations and be that person you were born to be!

Once you've done the mindset work and are living and breathing in the zone of "anything is possible" you'll receive the following

A combination of homeopathic remedies and herbs that are clinically researched and third party tested for their efficacy in aiding weight loss.
Taken in the form of drops for 28 days before meals, to help you physically by cleansing and nourishing the cells in your body so that you can curb your cravings, boost your metabolism and release fat.
A high quality pure essential oil to balance your hormones and keep you focused each and every day in your high vibe!
One email dropping in to your inbox from me each day for 28 days to support and enhance your weight-loss journey, containing tips, hints and advice to help motivate you along the way - so you know you're not alone!
A recommended list of foods to eat on a daily basis that have been carefully researched by nutritionists and work with the drops to speed up your weight loss.
A set of powerful affirmations that you can listen to for 5 minutes every morning while you're getting dressed, to start your day totally motivated.
A 20-minute follow-up consultation at the end of your 28 days to review your progress and next steps.

Ready to shed those extra pounds? 

Hi I’m Sadhna,

A Mind-body Transformation Specialist, here to support you to be in control of your mind and body, so that you're in the driving seat and can shed those pounds easily and effortlessly!

I'm a mother, wife and daughter too; and I know how hard life can get when you're juggling priorities and being bombarded with demands from every direction.

Making time for your personal needs can easily become one more priority you simply don't have time for. It's the first thing that falls off your daily 'to-do' list. 

I'm here to help you change all that . Over the years, I've worked with numerous women to help them balance their hormones and address their weight-loss concerns. I want to help you achieve your weight-loss goals too, so that you love the person you see in the mirror...and feel amazing!

I'll support you to embrace life with a new perspective, with renewed enthusiasm, and the clarity and confidence to move forward with unstoppable energy and focus.

​'The body achieves what the mind believes'
- Anonymous

By the end of the 28 days, you'll have:

Accepted, healed and moved on from previous life experiences that were weighing you down and keeping you stuck. You'll have changed the way you think, feel and see yourself forever; there will be no going back to the old you!
Given your body the boost it needs by taking the VEGAN and GLUTEN/DAIRY-FREE drops daily to balance you from this inside, boost your metabolism, nourish and energise you, all at the same time!
Adopted a new lifestyle, which means you simply won't be drawn to unhealthy ways of eating foods you know don't help you.
More control over your life on the mental and emotional, as well as the physical levels; you'll finally be able to start living a more empowered life and be the woman you were born to be!
Ultimately, you'll be FEELING HAPPIER and MORE CONFIDENT in your own skin!


This program is...

FOR YOU you're ready to:

  • Revolutionise the you way you think and feel so that the changes are long-lasting.
  • Shed the heaviness in mind, body and spirit by embracing a truly holistic approach.
  • End the struggle and the rollercoaster rides you've experienced with yo-yo dieting in the past.
  • Create new perspectives and replace hunger with fulfilment, emotionally and physically.
  • ​​Invest in and make a commitment to yourself that your future self will thank you for in every area of your life.
  • Create a total mind-body transformation, where you ignite your spark and become a lighter, healthier and happier version of yourself for the rest of your life!​​​​​​​

NOT for you if:

  • You believe you can achieve your goals by yourself.
  • You're not ready to commit to your health and weight goals consistently for 28 days.
  • You have no desire to change your eating patterns.
  • You're not prepared to say goodbye to junk food.
  • You can't take the recommended drops 3 times a day, every day, for 28 days.

  • Changing your lifestyle feels like too much effort.

‘When we have clarity in our mind we are empowered
When we are empowered we take action,
When we take action, we transform’

This program will give you all three!

What People Have Said ...

Sadhna Chaman, Rebalancing Life

Life after chemotherapy 

"My mindset has transformed completely, as I became in control both emotionally and physically. I found this program so much simpler that other diets I had followed as I used this a s kick-start to my weight loss after my journey with breast cancer. I began to nourish my body once again by putting goodness back in and I watched the fat just disappear. Even on my bad days it supported me. I lost 8 inches of fat around my middle in 2 months. My frame became slimmer and everyone noticed the change. I feel great. This programme is well worth the investment as you'll receive everything you need to transform your weight and life!"

SH, Berkshire

SH, Berkshire
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

JK, Middlesex

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Anita testimonial

I finally lost the stubborn fat and the cravings too!

'I was at a stage where I was beginning to feel frustrated with not being able to shift the last few stubborn pounds of fat that I was holding on to. Even though it was only a few pounds, I was feeling frustrated and uncomfortable within myself, and worst still, I wasn’t sure what else I could do to help myself. In fact, I was beginning to think that I needed to accept that this the way I was going to look for the rest of my life.

I regularly go to the gym and have done so for the past 20+ years, I’ve worked with a personal trainer in the past too, I generally eat a wholesome healthy diet. My biggest challenge though was snacking after a meal on the wrong things, which I couldn’t help.

I have followed the programme and taken these drops for 28 days and I feel so much better now, I’ve lost the fat that I had held on to for so long and I feel so much better in my own skin.

My cravings have completely disappeared! I am more in control of what I eat and I feel fantastic, it’s really helped me to turn my frustration around. It’s been a good few weeks now since I’ve finished the homeopathic weight loss drops and I haven’t gone back to my old ways. I feel like those last few pounds have finally left me for good and I feel as though it’s given me that push to make those lifestyle changes that I really needed help with, thank you so much! If you’re in two minds and wondering if this programme is worth investing in, all I can say is give it a go, if you eat sensibly, cut our processed food and take your drops you cannot not lose fat! I'm feeling the best I ever have! The investment has certainly been worth it."

AC, Middlesex
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Sadhna Chaman, Rebalancing Life

I look and feel 15 years younger

'Life has changed forever for me. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 35 years ago and suffered from debilitating pain every day. I took advantage of the full transformation program because I desperately needed help In one month I lost 19 lbs and was over the moon. Pain had decreased by 40% and I had lots more energy and really enjoying the new food choices I was making.’ Three months later, I was a totally new woman, 42 lbs down and 60 % less pain. I felt energy overload and was totally enjoying everything once again. The down side was I needed to buy a whole new wardrobe ….. How exciting! I walked into shops looking at the bigger sizes only to find I was at least 2 sizes smaller. A very comfortable 16.’ Life had changed forever. Now I’m a size 14/16 with very little pain on a daily basis and down to minimal prescription medication. I had managed to totally change how my body worked. Now I was giving it the right nutrition and was able to cope with my RA and actually reverse the decline. Still, 3 years on and I am 90% free of pain and discomfort This plan is life changing when you really take it by the hand and give yourself and your body time to readjust. I look and feel 15 years younger, if I can do it you can too!'

DS, Kent

To your transformation in health and life!

Much love,

Sadhna Chaman

For more information or a 1:1 consultation call me on 07879 480 520 or email:

Your questions answered...

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: How long will it take for me to lose weight?

Q: I find it really hard to give up certain foods, how will I manage?

Q: I have tried so many weight-loss diets and programmes before, what makes this different?

Q: I'm based abroad can you still help me?

Q: If there's a physiological/medical reason for my weight gain, can you still help me?

Q: Does it actually work?

Q: What happens after 28 days?

Q: Will I see results with my weight-loss straightaway?

Q: What if I would like to continue with the drops after the initial 28 days?

Q: Is the recommended food list personalised to me?

Always seek advice from your doctor prior to commencing.

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